Fetishism in Fashion

A Book Review by Edith Lázár

The intimate, skinned contact the body holds to clothing has been an inexhaustible source for the fetishization of fashion, namely for teaming sexual arousal and pleasure with particular items. Because of their power to formally structure, to cut upon the body in the same way retailed costumes did, not to mention their sexual affiliation, restrictive type of clothing used in games of discipline and levels of pleasure (mostly sado-masochism) were especially the ones swept out of the private and developed into a popular inspiration stance.

Repeated over and over again they became nothing more than stereotype posters, the well-known cliché of provocative fetish fashion. Today more than ever, sex is anything but obscene, with stiletto hills, dominatrix and “bite marks”, sexual contriving behaviour, symbolic out worn sex, lingerie, red lips and black leather, as a long time influential paraphernalia in designing the body.

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