Why are masks so damn sexy?

Why are masks so damn sexy?

Go to a party or festival and you will see, lots of people are wearing  kinky face masks these days. And I am not talking about these horrible Covid-19 protection masks. I am talking about sexy, mysterious and erotic eye masks. A must-have item for every Kinky Diva!

The history of the eye mask is rooted in ideas of kink, illness, and classic mystery and carnivals. Think about Venatian masks. How cool are they! For many people, masks evoke images of heroes and villains, and mysterious romances in dazzling ballrooms. A masked hero or heroine can also be sexy as all hell. Batman, Catwoman Miauw!

In the world of kink and fetish, wearing a mask is an important way to lose yourself into kinky fantasies. Our faces are what us makes so unique, remove a detail and it’s easier to become another person. That other person can do things, things you are too shy for or too insecure for to practice.

Let’s go back to that famous woman on the screen: Catwoman. Lots of kinky masks are “Animal” masks. Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, you name it. Animal or PetPlay is a form of roleplay where at least one participant plays the part of a non-human animal. Animal roleplay may also be found in BDSM contexts, where an individual may take part in a dominant/submissive relationship by being treated as an animal. But most important thing is you look pretty hot with a mask on, no matter what scenario. A great accessory for a every KINKY DIVA!